Executive Search

Executive Search by MostWanted is an effective and professional way to identify, attract and recruit the most relevant talents for executive managerial positions.

We succeed by creating a solid partnership with our clients, understanding their unique business goals, organizational culture, core values, and other needs, and providing them with the most effective matches through a precise selection and evaluation process.

MostWanted was established to find the most suitable executives in the Israeli high-tech industry for the most desirable positions in the market.

With over ten years of experience in the high-tech industry, we gained an extensive network of executive professionals, vast experience in sourcing and recruiting, and a strong business understanding.

We work with the most exclusive and innovative organizations (SU’s and Enterprise, Local & Global), connecting between the organization’s and talent’s needs.

We’ve successfully placed an extensive number of senior management executives (Directors and above) in leading technological organizations.

Our outstanding team of head hunters and top-quality sourcing and recruitment methodologies, assist us to provide the highest levels of service. Our methodologies show high success rates and help our clients with significant reduction in time and resources invested in the recruitment process.

Through our recruitment methods, technology sourcing solutions, personal business networking and evaluation procedures, we are able to meet this challenge. We deliver high added value to our customers and always leave them with a high level of satisfaction.

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