Executive Search

MostWanted has created the most effective and professional recruitment process in order to reach, track and place the most relevant candidates for executive managerial positions. The company’s success and its ability to provide clients with the best fit is based on creating a true and solid client partnership, by understanding each of their unique business goals, organizational culture and core values combined with following a precise and impeccable selection and evaluation process in order to reach the best candidates.

MostWanted has successfully placed an extensive number of senior management executives (C-Level, VP Level, Directors and above) in leading technological organizations (Globally and locally, in enterprises and startups). An outstanding team of headhunters coupled with top quality sourcing and recruitment methodologies help MostWanted reach the highest level of client service. This of course in return helps valued clients minimize time invested in the recruitment process in addition to valuable resources.

Finding the most wanted person for a specific executive managerial position requires in-depth research and analysis of the market, many varieties of technologies as well as many other factors involved in this complex process. Through technological sourcing solutions, personal business networking and an array of evaluation processes, MostWanted is able to meet this exciting challenge.

We deliver immense added value to our customers and always make sure that they experience a high level of satisfaction.

We invite you to discover the real meaning of executive search and enjoy the true nature of the most wanted executives in the high-tech industry.