Approach & Process

In order to provide our clients with the highest level of accuracy and professionalism all while minimizing time invested on the recruitment process, MostWanted has developed its own unique in-house methodologies based on extensive professional, business oriented, strategic and managerial experience.

It has established its name through an innovative team of professionals that master the subtle art of matching executive talents to key positions in the market. Its impressive rising success rate as well as the high level of client satisfaction, from all relevant stakeholders, has made MostWanted one of the top executive search organizations in Israel, serving many of its top-notch high-tech companies.

By being proactive and innovative, MostWanted dedicates a great amount of effort on market research, with an emphasis on the search process itself. The company’s aim is to focus on a small number of positions that ensure our clients with the best possible attention, and the company with a maximum number of successful matches. This allows MostWanted to successfully maximize and optimize the odds of finding and placing the next executive manager.

In order to provide clients with the best possible matches and for the company to sustain and maintain high success rates, MostWanted uses a diverse and broad range of resources and methodologies.


We invite you to discover the real meaning of executive search and enjoy the true nature of the most wanted executives in the high-tech industry.