MostWanted has designed an executive search process and methodology that identifies the strongest, most wanted executive candidates for our clients, quickly and efficiently with both passive as well as active candidates.

Being proactive and innovative, we dedicate a great amount of effort and expertise to the market research and search process.

We focus on a limited number of open positions to ensure the best service to our clients and a maximum number of relevant matches. In this way, we maximize the odds of finding the next most wanted executive manager.

We will always use a broad range of tools, methodologies and network to deliver the best matches for our clients. deliver the best matches for our clients.

Kickoff Meeting
Research & Mapping of Relevant Market
Days 1-10
Market Mapping Sample
Days 10-14
Reach out to relevant prospects
Interview & Assess Relevant Prospects
Days 10-21
7-10 Candidates for Internal Process
Days 14-45
2-3 Final Candidates to Choose From
Sign a Contract with the Chosen Candidate
~2.5 months for a signed contract
* The length of the process depends on the customer’s availability and profile complexity

We invite you to discover the real meaning of executive search and enjoy the true nature of the most wanted executives in the high-tech industry.

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